The Melanin Movement


Say what?! The melanin movement has finally made its way onto ABC’s the Bachelorette. After 33 consecutive seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, ABC has finally casted their first black lead, current Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsay.

ABC and its executives have recently come under shots over the series lack of diversity as the leading roles have generally gone to white individuals. This is why they decided to drop the huge SPOILER ALERT on America. Like really? You couldn’t let us get a couple more hopeful episodes in? Total party foul.

None the less, having the first African–American bachelorette is a huge deal! Yes, it is just a TV show but this is just the beginning of a beautiful pathway towards equality! This season, it is an African-American bachelorette, but next season, it could be a Russian bachelor, or an LGBT bachelor! The opportunities are endless and little things like this are the hope that keeps America moving forward. Also, interracial couples? Totally cute. Well that’s enough of my patriotic hoorah ladies. Until my next blog post, stay pretty!

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