Summer Detox


               Summer is here in the full flesh and since most of us are still trying to find things that would interest us for the last half of summer.  It is the beginning of July and even though we see Target stocking the shelves with the school supplies that we dread so much, but answer one question for me. Are you happy with how your summer has been going? During this time of the summer, we all feel a little tense because of the thought of having to go back to school.  We may be super excited to see our friends and family (greek family, of course), but we have this feeling of regret of how our summer has been.  Maybe you have worked all summer or you’ve had to catch up on those Netflix shows (c’mon guys, Amazon Prime is in), but maybe this is your time to actually have a summer break.  Try a summer detox…put the phones down or your silent the group messages that keep draining your battery.  Summer detox: a detox from everything that you have a responsibility toward.  Take a few hours from your summer lives and try to have a relaxing day.  I know Mom, you’re already telling me to pick up some more hours at work or clean my messy room that I stay in 3 months out of the year…it’s a break that you can try for the remainder of the summer.

            Your first step of the summer detox is to charge up that Fitbit that you had to have in 2015 and make a goal of hitting those 10,000 steps.  Leave the phone inside on the charger and go for a walk.  You might hate me for suggesting some humidity, but enjoying a walk is mindless in itself. 

            Go to the library.  I know this is very 90s of me to suggest, but the smell of dewy books and history is always good for the brain.  There are so many different genres and titles of books that would be great for someone who is taking a break from their daily lives.  Read a good romance novel or a book that will become a movie later on this year.  These books will always distract you from work or the stress from life.  Sometimes re-reading a book is just as good. 

            Clean, clean, clean.  This sounds like a weird request, but I promise that you’ll feel better once you give Goodwill some of your clothes that you don’t wear anymore.  You might want to finally get rid of the clothes that you have had since high school.  These clothes will never be in style again and no, you can’t wear your middle school T-shirts anymore.  Get rid of the clutter and the keepsakes that you won’t remember a year from now.

            I hope that these three ‘little’ requests will help you detox from your everyday life.  Maybe turn on your favorite show on Netflix in the evening or start another hobby: craft for your big/little.  In the last part of the summer, try to do different activities that will broaden your horizons and your everyday life.  Have a little summer detox and enjoy the rest of this ‘mini vacation’ or otherwise known as summer.

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