I feel like every time I get on Facebook, Twitter, etc. that there’s always some sort of post or tweet that is talking about the #relationshipgoals.  Which I am guilty of retweeting or sharing for all of my followers to see, but I think back and wonder why I repeatedly share these posts?  Why do I have to model my relationships or life after someone’s relationship?  I understand we all want what those people have, but why do I need the satisfaction of being confident in myself and my own relationship. 

               Have you ever seen someone who share those pictures and posts and kind of feel bad for that person?  I’m not saying you’re really sad for them but wonder what is going on in their life for them to feel the happiest in someone else’s relationship.  I understand, we all have friends and family members in happy relationships that are adorable to share, but I’m blogging about the people that are repeatedly talking about an ex or a person that used to be in their life.  Have you ever wondered when they will be over that significant other?

            #RelationshipGoals shouldn’t be a trend in our society.  When did it become a trend that we all decided to follow?  People who are hung up on someone or want what someone else has (relationship goals!) is what our World is coming to.  I didn’t know that it became uncommon for women not to be independent (it’s 2016).  As a women, I find it gut-wrenching that women are not independent and can’t fend for themselves in our society.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m dependent on my parents (hey, mom & dad!), but at 21 I am not dependent on a man or relationship goals.  I find myself young and have the World at my fingertips…I don’t find #RelationshipGoals even relevant in my life. 

                I feel for those girls that aren’t strong enough to be independent—but, please for you, be free of this hashtag.  Let go of the past and those stereotypes on social media.  Stop relying on someone’s happiness in a picture that has 2,345,453 shares on social media AND find your happiness OR your own #RelationshipGoals.  You should want to create your own hashtag that explains your happiness and not one that millions of people follow.

            Like I said, I’m guilty of using the hashtag but after thinking of why we use it—I didn’t understand it.  As a person who is happy about 90% of the time, why should I pay my happiness off someone’s story of meeting their S/O or something cute their guy bought them.  To be completely honest, this hashtag and twitter accounts that follow the lives of people who need to share their entire lives on SM. 

               Since it’s 2016, please stop using the #RelationshipGoals and find your own happiness.  Find your own destiny and don’t mirror your happiness of someone’s relationship.  Find your own goals in life: career, travel, maybe write a book—your goals shouldn’t include finding your own #RelationshipGoals.  I’m a believer that your happiness will find a place in your life.  Be happy in our own life and stop living in another’s happiness.

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