With cold weather coming to a close and the crazy spring breakers returning to school, the glorious season of music festivals is hot on our tails. Not only is this a time where you can severely damage your hearing to your favorite artists, but also it’s a time to show off the latest festival styles and to hipsterize your instagram feeds. So with this time coming up, here are the top three hottest festival necessities you need to take to battle.


Camelbacks are 110% your absolute LIFELINE for festivals. If it wasn’t for these bad boys, there’s no way you’re making it through the day let alone getting to the front of your favorite artists without passing out.


For any girly girl out there, glitter is the #1 accessory for every and any occasion. Having glitter for a music festival is the perfect way to spice up the outfit you already have to take you look like a total goddess.


I would say choose cuter shoes over durable most of the time, but for festivals, I probably wouldn’t suggest wearing heels to a mosh pit. Having cute shoes like combat boots or booties are the perfect way to look fashionable yet comfy! Being out all day, you’re totes going to want to have something that wont make you hate yourself by the end of the day.

At the end of the day, the number one necessity is to have a positive attitude! Music festivals are the perfect time to drop all your worries and just live in the moment. Put your phone down and make new friends! Instead of looking at the crazy moments on your phone, BE IN THE MOMENT! Have fun and happy raging!

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